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It's All About the (First) Ladies

This week's media coverage of the Bush Institute's First Ladies Initiative delved beyond the prevailing narrative on presidential spouses and included seldom discussed stories on America's first ladies.

Article by Miriam Spradling July 18, 2018 //   2 minute read

This week, the Bush Institute's First Ladies Initiative received coverage in Vanity Fair and Dallas Morning News.

The Vanity Fair piece focused on our "Ladies, First" podcast, saying it "fills in the blanks on the East Wing’s fascinating history." In the Q&A, they asked Women's Initiative Deputy Director Natalie Gonnella-Platts what it’s like spending her days researching first ladies.

On Sunday, Dallas Morning News ran an op-ed by Gonnella-Platts and former chief of staff to Mrs. Laura Bush, Anita McBride, on first ladies' abilities to "nudge America to be better." Using examples like Lou Hoover, Ellen Wilson, Caroline Harrison, and Francis Cleveland, Gonnella-Platts and McBride conclude first ladies' "impact is integral to both the presidency and wider societal change."

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