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First Ladies Initiative

Supporting first ladies’ efforts to improve the lives of women and children around the world.


Current and former First Ladies have participated in program related activities


Countries from Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean have participated in capacity-building training sessions

“I hope someday someone will take the time to evaluate the true role of the wife of a President and to assess the many burdens she has to bear and contributions she makes.”
–President Harry S. Truman

The role of first lady varies by country and context - it may or may not be endowed with financial resources, staff, or formal recognition.  The First Ladies Initiative works with first ladies to cultivate public-private partnerships and to provide training and support for their offices by promoting dialogue, fostering partnerships, and building capacity.

Original research fills the research gap that exists around first ladies and women's leadership; A Role Without a Rulebook explores the leadership potential of first ladies, how they overcome challenges, and their ability to effect change.

The role is defined by flexibility and opportunity, but also constraints. It is shaped by the unique personalities and capabilities of the women who serve in the office.

Despite challenges, first ladies have a unique platform to improve the lives of the citizens of their countries. Their experiences contribute to wider lessons that can inform and inspire leaders everywhere.

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