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Veterans & Military Families

Helping veterans and their families make successful transitions to civilian life.

President Buhs hugging a military member on the W100K.

“Our warriors are the one percent of America who kept the 99 percent safe. We have a duty to help make their transitions as successful as possible.”
— President George W. Bush

The Veterans and Military Families program helps veterans, service members and their loved ones make successful transitions through leadership programming and research-driven policy recommendations. We focus on informing the veteran employment, education, and health and well-being space so that transitions are simpler and more accessible.

Connect to Care

Veterans and service members experiencing difficulties in daily life or in distress can reach out to Check-In and trust that an advocate will find a licensed professional who can help.

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Read Retired Army Lt. Col. Jason Galui's biography.
Retired Army Lt. Col. Jason Galui

Director, Veterans and Military Families George W. Bush Institute

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LCDR D’Juan Wilcher

Deputy Director, Veterans and Military Families George W. Bush Institute

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Christopher Vidaurre (USMC Veteran)

Senior Program Manager, Veterans and Military Families George W. Bush Institute

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Alex Gorsky

April and Jay Graham Fellow George W. Bush Institute

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James Nicholson

Secretary Department of Veterans Affairs

René Bardorf

Senior Advisor, Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors; Adjunct Senior Fellow, Center for a New American Security

General Peter Chiarelli

Former CEO, One Mind; Veteran U.S. Army

Dan Goldenberg, USNR

Executive Director, Call of Duty Endowment

Mark Goulart

Former Principal, Deloitte Consulting; Veteran U.S. Army

Todd Platt

Chief Executive Officer, Hillwood Investments