Civility and Our Democratic Institutions

Advancing Civility

Promoting civility as a cornerstone to a thriving democracy.

As a diverse nation of people with different backgrounds and beliefs, democracy holds us together. We live among our fellow citizens, underscoring the importance of compassion, tolerance, pluralism, and respect for others.

Civility and respect have given way to outrage and polarization, corroding our national cohesiveness and shaking confidence in our democratic institutions. Our country’s collective ability to work together and find a path forward has become increasingly difficult. ​

Americans must reach a place where we can empathize, disagree civilly, and find avenues of compromise. We must build more constructive and compassionate dialogue and recognize the humanity in our fellow Americans.

We believe we should:

  • Exhibit, exemplify, and recognize the importance of civility in our policy debates and conversations ​​
  • Spotlight civility and Americans working together and getting things done​​
  • Convene diverse leaders to focus on civil, collaborative leadership​​
  • Equip a new generation of leaders with tools and examples to advance civility ​​
  • Engage Americans through listening tours, polling, and partnerships to better understand what ideas they have on rebuilding civility and trust​