Bush Institute-SMU Economic Growth Initiative

Global Economic Engagement

Strengthening economies in neighboring countries increases prosperity, growth, and job creation in the United States.

Economic integration with Canada, Mexico, Central America, and the rest of the global economy produces enormous benefits for the United States.

As the U.S. economy adds new jobs, some — generally less skilled and well-paid — will be lost. This is a natural process that has always been at work in the United States. Our challenge is to enable these workers to retrain and move as needed to benefit from new opportunities, ensuring our country and those around us can prosper into the future.

Specific areas for improvement:

  • The United States, Canada, and Mexico face skills and workforce shortages. Meanwhile, Central America needs to create more jobs.
  • Inadequate border infrastructure and overstretched ports raise costs, inhibit investment, and reduce border security. 
  • Canada and Mexico can be core partners in curbing China’s abuses of global trading rules, ensuring open markets for critical minerals.
  • Making free markets work for all starts at home and extends to our neighbors, with stronger pathways from school to work and permanent “upskilling.”