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Read the article Root Causes of Migration: From Northern Central America.
Jan 17, 2023

Root Causes of Migration: From Northern Central America

By: Jenny Villatoro, Matthew Rooney
Over 35% of the approximately 1.6 million migrants arriving at our southern border in 2021 were families or unaccompanied children. Almost 200,000 children came from Northern Central America (El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras), and about half of them were unaccompanied. Shifting demographics, the increase in children and family arrivals, and the increase in large caravans arriving from Northern Central America have spurred a conversation into the root causes of migration.
Read the article North American Workforce Initiative Recommendations .
Sep 13, 2022

North American Workforce Initiative Recommendations

By: Matthew Rooney, Jenny Villatoro, Tiffany Melvin
The North America Workforce Initiative, a joint undertaking co-chaired by the George W. Bush Institute–SMU Economic Growth Initiative and NASCO (North American Strategy for Competitiveness), began in 2016 to develop and test practical approaches to workforce development across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico and issue recommendations to strengthen the region’s global competitiveness.
Read the article A Honduran Reset.
Nov 16, 2021

A Honduran Reset

On Nov. 28 Hondurans will cast their ballot in the upcoming general election, shaping many policy issues, including the country's economic policy framework.
Read the article North America is the key to Central America.

North America is the key to Central America

By: Matthew Rooney
As part of an ongoing series from the Wilson Center, the Bush Institute's Matthew Rooney shares how linking USMCA with CAFTA will contribute greatly to breaking the vicious cycle of poverty, rampant crime, and institutional weakness in Central America.

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