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In Case You Missed It: LLF Alumna Wai Wai Nu Named a Next Generation Leader

Time names Wai Wai Nu a Next Generation Leader for her dedication to advancing human rights, particularly for marginalized communities.

Article by Christopher Walsh March 9, 2017 //   2 minute read

Wai Wai Nu, a leader in Burma’s ethnic minority Rohingya population, has endured more than her share of hardship, including seven years as a political prisoner due to her father’s pro-democratic politics.

Today, Wai Wai Nu is a force for change and a voice of leadership amidst reports of systematic violence against her Rohingya people. In an interview with the Bush Institute, Wai Wai said such abuses, “are real, very, very critical conditions [that] our people are under threat [for] their very existence.”

She believes the Myanmar government’s immediate response must be transparency on the issue. She calls on the government “to allow free media access, media access [for] all international and local [outlets] to Rakhine state” and “to allow humanitarian [groups] to be able to support the affected people.”

Given her dedication to advancing human rights, particularly for marginalized communities such as women and minorities, it’s no surprise Wai Wai has become a globally-recognized champion for freedom in Burma. Having witnessed Wai Wai’s strength of character during her time in the Liberty and Leadership Forum, we’re proud she was named one of Time’s 2017 Next Generation Leaders.

Watch this video to see Wai Wai Nu in action -