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  • To lead globally, it is imperative that we promote global health, advance the causes of freedom and democracy around the world, and work to empower women.

Human Freedom Team

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Light Through the Darkness

North Korea is one of the world’s most repressive countries. Satellite images show the country – close to 47,000 square miles in size – sitting in virtual darkness. More than 24 million North Koreans live under tyranny. They are subjected to widespread human rights violations and denied fundamental rights like free expression, association, assembly, and religion.

We advocate for a new U.S. policy that integrates the call for human freedom with denuclearization in our engagement and diplomacy with North Korea.

Freedom depends on solid national security and human rights.


Out of 24 million North Koreans, 1 in every 185 is a political prisoner. The Bush Institute believes the human rights issues need to be on the radar screen of opinion leaders and public.

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Our Team


57 young leaders from Burma have participated in the Liberty and Leadership program. Two have run for Parliament in Burma since participating in the program, one was elected.

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