Chris Walsh

Director, Freedom and Democracy
George W. Bush Institute

Christopher Walsh serves as Director, Freedom and Democracy at the George W. Bush Institute.  In this role, Mr. Walsh manages communications, evaluation, and public policy research projects that advance freedom and democracy in the world. He also develops and implements efforts to make the Bush Institute a welcoming place for today’s generation of dissidents and democracy advocates, overseeing visits for training, inspiration, and insight.

Prior to joining the Bush Institute, Mr. Walsh worked with the International Republican Institute in Washington, D.C. As IRI’s program officer for Central and Eastern Europe, he coordinated political party building and civic advocacy programs in the Balkans and Turkey.

A native of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Mr. Walsh is a graduate of American University with a B.A. in International Studies.  He currently lives in Dallas with his wife and four young children.

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Read the article Figuring out the `juice’ of free speech and pluralism.
Aug 9, 2023

Figuring out the `juice’ of free speech and pluralism

By: Chris Walsh, William McKenzie
Over the coming months, the George W. Bush Institute will explore the nature of pluralism and how it’s working in our country. Improving our commitment to pluralism is intrinsically tied to strengthening our democracy.