Results & Highlights

WE Lead alumna Emna Ben Arab utilized her training to help Tunisian children. She and her business partner established two private secondary schools that provide children with global job market preparation.

I learned that I have to 'own' my own path. I learned to take thoughtful risks, and that I should always say, 'Yes, and...' and not 'Yes, but.'

– Emna Ben Arab (WE Lead 2015)

PLS enabled former United States Marine Jake Harriman to elevate the visibility of his organization, Nuru International. His organization creates lasting agricultural choices for impoverished farmers in conflict states to generate greater global stability and security. Through PLS, Harriman refined his communication skills and gained the support needed to launch Nuru’s first conflict state project.

PLS helped me become more comfortable leveraging my strengths, experience, and accomplishments in an authentic, humble way to further the cause of Nuru.

– Jake Harriman (PLS 2015)

Yan Htaik Seng is a youth activist and journalist from Burma. Working for BBC Media Action, he contributes to a youth radio show focused on topics important to young people including education, health, democracy, and relationships. The program reaches 3.2 million people across the country. His work aims to bridge ethnic and religious divides in Burma.

The Liberty and Leadership Program gave me the confidence to express my opinion of future Burma by respecting the diversity in the country.

– Yan Htaik Seng (LLP 2015)

I learned two valuable things as a program participant:
(a) We are not defined by the challenge that we are facing but how we are responding to them. (b) Never lose hope.

– May Zaw Naing (LLP 2017)

LLF gives me confidence, inspiration, professional skills, and network, and most of all, increased passion to get involved in the current political transition of my country.

– Wah Ba Saing (LLP 2016)

Participants in the three primary programs — Presidential Leadership Scholars, WE Lead, the Liberty and Leadership Program, and the Stand-To Veteran Leadership Program — gave their experience an unparalleled net promotor score (NPS) of 92, meaning nearly every participant highly recommended the experience to their closest friends and associates.

The high satisfaction rates likely came from the many benefits the programs provided. Many participants said they experienced significant growth in a number of dimensions through their involvement in their respective programs (see figure below).

These benefits led 87 percent of program participants to experience an increase in their confidence and purpose as a leader, which will spur significant opportunities for greater eladership and impact on society.

indicated their exposure to and appreciation of a wider diversity of perspectives dramatically increased.

Particpants emphasized the clarity and focus they developed through their involvement in these programs. For example, three-fifths of participants said the path or focus of their work progressed in a different way than they had previously expected.

of Scholars and Fellows reported their participation propelled their personal leadership project forward.

of participants in the three primary programs said their involvement played a significant role in the expansion of their leadership opportunities and responsibilities.

Ninety-nine percent said they were likely to achieve their long-term vision for impacting society thanks to the skills, resources, and inspiration they received by becoming a Bush Institute leader, whereas only 68 percent said the same prior to beginning the program.

Sector Spotlight: Education

In the forUs project, I have helped train 200 youth in the marginalized areas of Tunis to be prepared for a professional life. After the project, 80% of them have found jobs.”

– Siwar Douss (WE Lead 2016)

We recently led the successful charge on a common application system for high schools throughout Chicago Public Schools to ensure all students have access to high-quality educational opportunities. Already more than 80% of the rising 27,000 eighth graders have applied to schools through one comprehensive system.”

– Daniel Anello (PLS 2015)

Sector Spotlight: Veterans

VLP helped me jumpstart an expansion of Combined Arms to two new cities — Austin and El Paso. Before starting VLP, we had about 30 veteran service organization partners in the Houston area serving about 1,500 veterans. Now, we work with 47 organizations that have helped over 5,000 veterans connect to 14,000 social services they didn't have access to before.”

– John Boerstler (VLP 2018)

Over the past three years, Rally Point/6 served over 26,000 service members, veterans, and military family members. In the first full year of operations, we formed a strategic partnership with the USO scaling the model into five major military installations. In 2017, RP/6 was acquired by the USO. RP/6 was re-branded as the Pathfinder Program and is now expanding, serving military and military families globally.”

– Anne Sprute (PLS 2015)

Sector Spotlight: Health

Our organization, since we founded it in 2012, has created access to neighborhood-based primary care for over 35,000 adults on Medicare and Medicaid living in medically under-served communities. Presidential Leadership Scholars gave me a practical understanding of my values and a leadership framework that helped me, as an individual leader, become a better member of the team and a better advocate for our team’s mission: To rebuild health care as it should be, personal, equitable, and accountable.”

– Griffin Myers (PLS 2017)

One hundred thousand people have consumed fortified rice and 2,500 households in Northern Rakhine State benefited from fortified rice through a partnership with the Union Enterprise for Humanitarian Assistance, Resettlement, and Development in Rakhine State. LLP has contributed to achieving those outcomes by improving my leadership effectiveness.”

– Myo Myint Aung (LLP 2017)

Sector Spotlight: Technology

SoldierStrong donates high-tech medical devices that directly benefit our country's injured veterans. We are committed to helping as many veterans as we can so that they will experience the physical and emotional benefits of standing and walking again.”

– Christopher Meek (VLP 2018)

EveryoneOn has connected more than 500,000 people in 48 states and will connect a total of one million by the end of 2020. PLS has allowed me to deeply focus on conquering the digital divide in rural America.”

– Chike Aguh (PLS 2017)

Sector Spotlight:
International Development

When I was accepted to the George W. Bush Institute WE Lead program, I found it to be a wonderful experience because it broadened my scope and built my capacities to be more effective. I made sure to cascade what I learned to all the women who I work with now. I trained 300 women on leadership and 100 on political leadership last year.”

– Dalel Krichen (WE Lead 2014)

We raised approximately $45 million in private capital to end extreme poverty in highly volatile regions. We have a highly effective global team of servant leaders: 20 Americans, 90 Kenyans, 70 Ethiopians, two Nigerians. PLS helped me build the coalition of support and network that we needed to successfully launch the project in northeast Nigeria.”

– Jake Harriman (PLS 2015)

Sector Spotlight: Human Rights

In private and confidential meetings with MPs and government officials to release wrongfully convicted Muslims in Myanmar, a dozen Muslim prisoners got presidential amnesty last year and this year. Providing leadership knowledge and skills, professional network with other participants, working with philosophical foundation(s), and focusing on principles-centered leadership are vital benefits of LLP that have contributed to all of my achievements.”

– Ye Myint Win (LLP 2015)

I’ve impacted 2,000 women and their families through vocational training, jobs, and savings; graduated 40 leaders in our fashion incubator and school in Cambodia; and won a court case (a child was murdered) in one of the most corrupt states in India. PLS has given me encouragement from peers, expanded my network, support financially through Nomi Network’s gala, and advice from peers and peer affiliates.”

– Diana Mao (PLS 2015)