What's Growing On? In the Laura W. Bush Native Texas Park: More flowers!

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Robert Favela
Director, Facility Operations
George W. Bush Presidential Center

The What’s Growing On? In the Laura W. Bush Native Texas Park series highlights nature’s best in the native landscaping on the George W. Bush Presidential Center grounds.

The bees are busy and the flowers are smelling wonderful here in the Laura W. Bush Native Texas Park. Robert Favela, master naturalist and Director of Facility Operations at the Bush Center, showcases some of the park’s freshest blooms.

In the wildflower meadow, the bees are pollinating all the flowers, especially the winecups and bluebonnets. Bees are extremely important to the beauty and growth of these flowers. With the bluebonnets, bees are attracted to the white areas where the flower has not been pollinated yet. The blue, rich color you see on the bluebonnets means that the flower has been visited by a bee.

The Eve’s necklace, named for the black beads that dangle from it, is one of the trees species in the park and is finishing its spring bloom. This tree emits a beautiful, floral aroma that can be smelled all the way at the front entrance of the park.

The goldenrod is slowly growing back and will be fully in bloom by this fall. Its presence will add a warmth of color to the autumn air. Until then, the bees are also busy helping it grow through pollination.

We encourage you to come out to see what is blooming and then come back again in a few weeks to see what else has sprung up. Every season brings different variations of the flowers and other wildlife seen in the park, and we don’t want you to miss any of nature’s best! Learn more about this urban oasis, including the park’s operating hours, spring park tours, and more.