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Bush Center Briefing: June 2017

This month's issue of the bi-monthly Bush Center Briefing takes a look at reaffirming American leadership in markets and security, creating peace and stability through effective foreign aid , and how to catch the next big wave in American innovation.

June 2, 2017 //   6 minute read

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Being engaged with today’s world, while remaining true to our core principles, is a top priority for us at the Bush Center. This Bush Center Briefing shows how we marry a contemporary presence with the lasting values President Bush defined in a 2003 London address.

As he declared then, “We believe in open societies ordered by moral conviction…private markets humanized by compassionate government.… [and] economies that reward effort, communities that protect the weak and the duty of nations to respect the rights of all.”

We apply those values in our work, including the efforts Amanda Schnetzer leads as director of Global Initiatives at the Bush Institute. Under her leadership, we are launching a program to promote democratic engagement at home and abroad. Two new fellows in that effort, Pete Wehner and Tom Melia, describe in this Briefing how the rights of all are best protected by “a powerful new consensus on behalf of democracy, democratic institutions, and American leadership, at home and abroad.”

Similarly, Matthew Rooney, director of the Bush Institute’s Economic Growth Initiative, explains how promoting free markets and open societies is the best way to make the forces of globalization and automation work for more people. That’s why we are hosting a meeting of Canadian and American business leaders next week to spur strategies that embrace free markets, support innovation, and respond to the economic concerns of disadvantaged regions and groups.

Writing also about our global work, Holly Kuzmich, the Bush Institute’s executive director, recounts the Bush Center’s April trip to Africa. Along with meeting government leaders, President and Mrs. Bush visited schools and hospitals in Namibia and Botswana. The trip, as Holly explains, reflects our commitment to save women’s lives from cancer, thereby enabling them and their communities to thrive.

You also will find in this edition an example of how we integrate Bush Center events with Bush Institute programming. On May 22, President Bush spoke at a sold-out Engage event about Portraits of Courage, alongside some of the wounded warriors he painted for that book and special Bush Center exhibit. Together, they highlighted the Bush Institute’s Military Service Initiative’s commitment to helping post-9/11 veterans successfully transition into civilian life.

In all aspects of our work, we strive to engage the world guided by a core set of values.

-- Kenneth Hersh, President and CEO of the George W. Bush Presidential Center


Engagement Agenda:

President Bush has dedicated much of his post-presidency to honoring America’s post-9/11 veterans and helping them smoothly transition to civilian life, including addressing the invisible wounds of war. As he does so, the President has combined his appreciation for veterans with his favorite hobby – painting. He recently spoke at an Engage event about his book Portraits of Courage, chatting alongside some of the subjects of his paintings, members of Team 43. 

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The democratic world order that emerged after World War II is under assault from those who never fully democratized or embraced free markets, write Peter Wehner and Thomas Melia, two new Bush Institute Human Freedom Initiative fellows. To counter this trend, the Bush Institute is launching an effort to reaffirm core American principles of political democracy and free markets. Galvanizing a new consensus around them will enhance freedom, markets, and our security.  
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Americans deserve to feel confident that their tax dollars are being wisely invested in programs like the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, writes Holly Kuzmich, the Bush Institute’s executive director. Drawing upon the Bush Center’s recent trip to Africa, she explains how PEPFAR models how the U.S. government can run a highly effective, results-oriented program.

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NAFTA helped create the digital revolution by encouraging America’s workers, entrepreneurs, and investors to turn from fading industries to computer applications. The Next Big Thing is probably already present and technologically viable, writes Matthew Rooney, director of the Bush Institute’s Economic Growth Initiative. But we need the right combination of ready capital, entrepreneurial energy, and workforce to make it into an economic motor.

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