Immigration: Building a System for Tomorrow

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Laura Collins
Director, Bush Institute-SMU Economic Growth Initiative
George W. Bush Institute

More than ever, America needs the brightest, most talented, and hardest-working people the world has to offer. The objective of immigration policy should be to affirm America as the land of opportunity.

Congress must undertake a top-to-bottom overhaul of our immigration system. A more modern system that meets today’s realities can strengthen American values and keep America economically competitive. Robust border security must be combined with a robust legal immigration system; we can be a lawful society and a welcoming one at the same time. If we maintain the status quo — an immigration system woefully out of date, inefficient, and unwelcoming — we will no longer be the country of freedom and opportunity that we have been since our founding. Whether accomplished by comprehensive solutions or piecemeal legislation, the result must be the same — a new immigration system that works better for America.