Brenda Ewing Snitzer -- Bush Institute Trailblazer Citation Recipient for The Stewpot

The Strategerist Podcast

The Stewpot is a ministry that serves those in poverty or experiencing homelessness in Dallas. The organization was founded nearly 50 years ago and provides resources for basic survival needs as well as opportunities for the people they serve to start a new life.

The organization was awarded the 2024 George W. Bush Institute Trailblazer Citation for its work to inspire change and enrich the quality of life in North Texas.

Executive Director of The Stewpot Brenda Ewing Snitzer joined host Andrew Kaufmann and the Bush Institute’s Bill McKenzie at the Forum on Leadership to discuss the organization’s unique enrichment opportunities — including its art program and writing workshop — and the important impact The Stewpot is making in the Dallas community.

Hear more from Brenda on this episode of The Strategerist, presented by the George W. Bush Presidential Center.

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