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Afghanistan Relief and Resources

Here is a partial list of organizations working to provide humanitarian relief to the Afghan people on the ground and to refugees.

August 25, 2021 //   6 minute read

Humanitarian Relief 

Your gift will provide equally distributed direct cash assistance for Afghan women and men to empower whole families to purchase food, hygiene products, and whatever else they need most.

World Food Programme
WFP provides unconditional, fortified and nutritionally-balanced food assistance to vulnerable groups including people displaced by conflict, those affected by disasters, refugees, returnees from neighboring countries, and people affected by seasonal food insecurity.

US Fund for UNICEF
UNICEF recently launched an appeal for $192 million to support vulnerable families and children who are struggling amidst Afghanistan's escalating humanitarian crisis.

World Relief
Donations are used to promote peace and justice in violence-stricken regions like Afghanistan.

International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)
The ICRC provides much-needed health and humanitarian support and works to protect and assist those in need in Afghanistan and other Taliban-controlled areas.

Support for Afghan Women And Children 

Razia's Ray of Hope Foundation
Founded by Razia Jan, the organization is dedicated to expanding the possibilities for girls and young women in Afghanistan and is raising funds for school expenses, including expanded enrollment for new students whose families have been displaced to the region, and funding for the staff, students, and families affected by ongoing instability.

Women for Afghan Women
WAW works to provide safe shelter, resources, and aid to the thousands of women, children, families, and staff who are under its care.

Onward for Afghan Women
Donations will help the evacuation of at-risk women activists, journalists, politicians, peacebuilders, and their families and provide support so that they can be resettled with dignity.

LEARN Afghan
Funds are going toward assisting internally displaced individuals to ensure that these families have access to basic necessities. Founder Pashtana Dorani has committed to remaining in the country to support women’s education.

Asian University for Women
Asian University for Women (AUW), is an international university in Bangladesh that seeks to educate a new generation of women leaders. 100% of your investment in education will open doors to the future for young women across Asia and the Middle East.

School of Leadership, Afghanistan
School of Leadership Afghanistan is the only boarding school for girls in Afghanistan. Your donation will support the programming that changes the lives of these students, and inspires them to change the future of their country. Students have departed from Kabul and are currently abroad where they intend to begin a semester.

Afghan Institute of Learning (AIL)
The Afghan Institute of Learning (AIL) is working to raise literacy rates; teach job skills enabling women to contribute to their families and communities; ensure women and children are safe and know their rights; and provide access to health care, education, legal aid, and food aid. The organization is distributing food, vitamins, Ensure, Pedialyte and other such treatments for the county's starving people and is expanding its services as rapidly as possible.

Digital Citizens Fund: Afghan Robotics Team
Digital Citizen Fund (DCF) 's mission is to support women and girls in gaining access to technology and education to obtain the skills they need to achieve financial independence. Their classes have built the abilities of tens of thousands of girls in Afghanistan – and have contributed to a culture of hope and aspiration.

Support for Operational Guidance

No One Left Behind
No One Left Behind is committed to ensuring that America keeps its promise to our allies and their families who risked their lives for our freedom.

Combined Arms
Combined Arms exists to accelerate the transition from military to civilian life and has been active in the evacuation of American allies from Afghanistan.

Evacuate Our Allies
Evacuate Our Allies is working to evacuate all U.S. allies to safety.  

#AfghanEvac is bringing organizations together to help at-risk Afghans.

Ehtesab is an Afghan-based startup focused on developing viable civic technology solutions to serve the needs of communities and those who reside within them.

Support for Immigration/Resettlement

Catholic Charities USA
Providing services including legal assistance, translation, and childcare for Afghan refugees settling through the Special Immigrant Visa program.

International Rescue Committee
The International Rescue Committee helps people whose lives and livelihoods are shattered by conflict and disaster to survive, recover, and regain control of their future.

Jesuit Refugee Services
JRS seeks to accompany, serve, and advocate the cause of refugees and other forcibly displaced people, that they may heal, learn, and determine their own future.

HIAS works around the world to protect refugees who have been forced to flee their homelands because of who they are, including ethnic, religious, and sexual minorities.

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service
The Neighbors in Need: Afghan Allies Fund provides food, housing assistance, clothing, and other basic needs for Afghans as they await the official services available to them.

Human Rights First
Human Rights First is working to protect U.S. allies, human rights defenders, and at-risk Afghans and honor our country's promise to those whose lives are at risk due to their ties to the United States.

Welcome.US is a national effort built across sectors, political parties, and all walks of life. It is meant to empower Americans to welcome and support Afghan families who are building new lives in our communities.

Afghan Future Fund
The Afghan Future Fund supports at-risk Afghans by providing both emergency assistance and longer term programming for educational, professional and personal development.

Globally: Afghan Welcome Fund
The Afghan Welcome Fund provides flexible funding that supports the immediate needs of our new Afghan neighbors.