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Bush Institute's Holly Kuzmich featured in the Dallas Business Journal

The Dallas Business Journal sat down with Holly Kuzmich, Executive Director of the Bush Institute and Senior Vice President of the Bush Center, to discuss her goals for the Bush Institute, the new Bush Institute-SMU Economic Growth Initiative, the Stand-To Veteran Leadership Program, and how the Bush Institute’s work has impacted U.S. policy. 

September 14, 2018 //   1 minute read

Take a sneak peek at the interview:

How are you working with the Bush Institute-SMU Economic Growth Initiative?

We have been working for economic growth since we started in 2009. Our work has really grown up around two main issues: trade and competitiveness, and immigration and why it’s important to strong economic growth. Simultaneously, SMU was looking at establishing a center on domestic economic growth. It made sense for us, given our relationship, to combine our efforts and build out a bigger portfolio and a joint initiative where we can bring practical, real world policy networks to SMU, and SMU, with its academic resources, can be brought to the Institute. What it allows us to do is broaden our portfolio of expertise and introduce SMU to some of those policy networks that we have built in, given who we are at the Institute.

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