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In Case You Missed It: Afghan Entrepreneur Blazes Trail

Afghan women like Fereshteh Forough are stepping out of the boundaries of traditional thoughts and creating spaces for women to actively participate in the work force of their country.

Article by by Emma Brookshire June 15, 2016 //   1 minute read

According to WorldBank.org, women make up a marginal 16% of the total labor force in Afghanistan. An upward trend sparks hope that women are becoming more involved in the workplace, but it is up to revolutionaries willing to step out of the boundaries of traditional thoughts and create spaces for women to actively participate.

One such leader is Fereshteh Forough, a woman entrepreneur who started a female-only coding school to provide her peers with relevant education, thus creating opportunities for these women to embrace their talents and engage in society. The full article, published by News Deeply, is below: