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Multiplying the Effect in Egypt

Article by Charity Wallace February 24, 2014 //   3 minute read

One of the goals of the Women’s Initiative Fellowship is to teach the Fellows to cascade what they have learned from the Fellowship to others in their network, therefore creating a multiplier effect.  On February 15th, the 2013 Women’s Initiative Fellows did just that.  The Fellows facilitated a training session where they imparted the most important skills they gained to others.  They are creating a ripple effect which will affect their communities and country.  Below is a reflection from Mariz Doss (one of the Fellows) regarding the recent session.

By Mariz Doss

Getting closer to the end of an outstanding year of the fellowship, we recently had the chance to host a leadership workshop followed by a networking event, where we were privileged to deliver just a glimpse of what we’ve learned and pay back to our community.

Each fellow invited some of her network, including men, women and youth. Four sessions were held mainly focusing on initial skills to: find their own purpose, how to talk about it and introduce themselves, how to make an action plan, and finally how to get the best use of their networks through networking.

What I personally found common among people here is that it’s hard to find your passion, and at some point you find yourself lost with no passion, no action plan to work on, and accordingly no goal or vision.

All four topics were new to most of the audience, which was the main reason for the event’s success.

The day went very well. Almost 100 guests attended the sessions which included workshops and trainings.  The sessions gave  the attendees the chance to practice as well as the fellows the opportunity to guide, explain, brainstorm, and teach.

Overwhelming joy is what each and every fellow felt throughout the whole day! Looking back at us in Dallas during those exact sessions last year, having the same struggles that our guests were having…and us standing there that day, helping out, teaching and cascading our knowledge.

We tasted what success really means, having that great feedback from our guests, asking us to make other events with different topics, telling us how organized and professional we were, how this event impacted them and their way of thinking…and other great feedback.


Behind all this was a great team back in Dallas helping out the fellows and making sure we got all that was needed to make this day a huge success; and it happened!