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Praise for Bush Center Interior Designer Ken Blasingame

Article by Sally McDonough August 2, 2013 //   2 minute read

With the finishing touches nearing completion on the interior of the Bush Center, praise for the work of designer Ken Blasingame is appropriately due. Ken has been a longtime interior designer and good friend to the Bushes. He’s collaborated design efforts for President and Mrs. Bush’s personal and public homes throughout the years, including their homes in Texas, the Texas Governor’s Mansion, Camp David and the White House.

Most recently, Ken assisted Mrs. Bush in designing rooms in the Bush Center’s Presidential Reception Hall. As detailed in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram this week, Ken traveled the country to find just the right pieces and worked with a variety of colors, fabrics, paintings and antiques to create a perfect space here. He also drew on his research and experiences recreating historical rooms in the White House with Mrs. Bush. In June, Architectural Digest highlighted The George W. Bush Presidential Center’s buildings and grounds as well as featured Ken’s work in its review.

The Bush Center staff is appreciative of the attention to detail of the space and are proud to work in a such a beautifully appointed space.

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