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What We’re Reading | February 22, 2013

Article by Jacqueline Lowe February 22, 2013 //   3 minute read

With presidential center’s opening fast approaching, Bush Institute’s Freedom Collection continues to grow

This Dallas Morning News article by Tom Benning takes a look at the expanding Freedom Collection after a visit by Burmese activists who added their stories to the collection of interviews with freedom advocates from around the world. “Zin Mar Aung sat down for an interview with Bush Institute officials in Dallas this week, adding to the 61 published videos that represent voices from across the globe. The collection has nearly doubled in size since it launched last March.” The Freedom Collection is a permanent archive of the struggle for human freedom and democracy around the world and strives to inspire and provide insight to the current generation of freedom advocates. It also preserves history as a tool for scholars, policy makers and students studying democratic movements.

Survey Finds Rising Job Frustration Among Principals

The 29th annual MetLife Survey of the American Teacher, discussed in this Education Week article shows that three out of four K-12 principals are unhappy or frustrated in their jobs and are likely to seek another profession. “When asked about the main obstacles they face, 83 percent of school leaders rate “addressing individual student needs” as “challenging” or “very challenging.” Seventy-eight percent rate managing the budget and resources as challenging or very challenging—an unsurprising figure given that more than half of principals also report their school’s budget decreased in the last year, and 35 percent say it remained flat.” Read more about the survey and reactions from school principals and teachers across the country.

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