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Were You A Debater?

Article by Amity Shlaes February 3, 2013 //   2 minute read

There's something special about debate. Many of our country's future congressmen and congresswomen, governors, entrepreneurs, and community leaders are all still in high school. At The 4% Growth Project we believe one of the most promising ways to ensure understanding of markets and economic growth in decades to come is to reach these multipliers now. Young people need exposure to fundamental economic principles now to know that strong economic growth is possible. When they debate the pros and cons for themselves, they learn the material better. That is why in 2012 the Bush Center launched a national presidential economic debate program for high school students. We believe strongly that people learn best through competition, and debate is one such competition. Debate is an especially important vehicle because, as evidence shows, high school students who participate in debate are more likely to become leaders later in life. Last October, in partnership with the Dallas Urban Debate Alliance and the St. Mark's School, the Bush Center hosted its inaugural high school economic debate weekend. More than 100 high school students from around the country converged on Dallas, Texas, to debate the issues of infrastructure, property rights and economic growth. The weekend was a huge success. We are pleased now to release a new video capturing the success of our inaugural event and sharing our vision for expanding the program to a national level in 2013 and beyond.

This post was written by Amity Shlaes, Director of the 4% Growth Project at the George W. Bush Institute, and Matthew Denhart, research assistant to the 4% Growth Project at the George W. Bush Institute.

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