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How to Avoid a Recession in 2013

Article by Matthew Denhart February 1, 2013 //   1 minute read
Is another recession on the horizon? Back in July, David Malpass — a featured contributor here at the 4% Growth Project — wrote that slow growth was likely to continue for the remainder of 2012, but that recession was a real threat in 2013. That threat seems to have intesified. Writing in the Wall Street Journal under the headline "Economic Signals Point to a 2013 Recession," Malpass argues that recent data on durable goods and personal income, combined with current anti-growth public policies, suggest recession is more likely. Luckily, it is not too late. Malpass believes that economic policies that are consistent with the core American economic principles — principles like a sound dollar, limited government, and low taxes — can usher in prosperity and save our nation from decline. You can read Malpass's entire column here.