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Growth, First and Foremost

Article by Matthew Denhart February 13, 2013 //   2 minute read

Our country is a better place when there is strong growth, and the U.S. should pursue policies that are growth-enhancing. That’s the message from Rich Karlgaard, publisher of Forbes, in his recent column “The 4% Solution: America Needs Growth.” Karlgaard recently moderated a panel at our tax conference, titled “Tax Policies for 4% Growth.” In his column, Karlgaard points-out that Americans spend $300 billion every year on tax-preparation services alone. Simplifying the tax code — even ignoring the issue of tax rates for the moment — would boost growth by itself. Other policy changes Karlgaard recommends include: cutting government spending, encouraging domestic energy production, altering immigration policy to attract high-skilled foreigners, and integrating technology into the health-care and education sectors. At the 4% Growth Project, we aim to change the national economic conversation to be focused first and foremost on economic growth. With every policy proposal, Americans should be asking how it will affect growth. Karlgaard has highlighted several areas that we agree are promising in terms of the economic growth they can generate. Stay tuned as we explore many of these issues — especially taxes, energy, and immigration — in greater detail over the coming months.