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Immigrants and the Fortune 500

Article by Matthew Denhart September 25, 2012 //   1 minute read

Mario Kranjac — a summer 2012 student research assistant at the 4% Growth Project — has completed an analysis of immigrant contributions to the U.S. economy. Of particular importance, Kranjac's study examines the immigrant backgrounds of the founders of the companies listed on the 2012 edition of the Fortune 500. This updates a previous analysis performed by the Partnership for a New American Economy, which used the 2010 edition of the Fortune 500. Summarizing his results, Kranjac reports:

In total, 211 out of 500 companies (42.2%) were founded by immigrants or the children of immigrants. This represents a slight increase from the 40.8% recorded by the Partnership for a New American Economy's study in 2010.

Kranjac's paper, "Immigrant Contributions to U.S. Entrepreneurship and Innovation," is available for download here.

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