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Business Leaders Press Congress to 'Fix the Debt'

Article by John Prestbo September 17, 2012 //   1 minute read

David Wessel, Wall Street Journal The loudest political campaigns today belong to Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. But another campaign is being built quietly, to push a postelection deficit-reduction deal. A coalition of anti-deficit groups has tapped businesses and foundations and raised more than $29 million—roughly what each presidential candidate raises in a week, but still a significant sum. They have hired 15 people and intend to add 15 more, and are planning to agitate in home districts of key members of Congress. They are hosting bridge-building dinners for Democrats and Republicans with budget experts and business executives. They are deploying former members of Congress to publicly pressure their successors. They are planning to run "fix the debt" ads after the election. Read More

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