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What We're Reading | February 24, 2012

Article by George W. Bush Presidential Center February 24, 2012 //   2 minute read

Pro-Government Crowds Shout at Cuban Dissidents as They Pay Homage to Dead Hunger Striker:  On Thursday, the Cuban opposition group, Ladies in White, paid their respect to a hunger striker who died in prison two years ago.  As the group of dissidents met, a pro-government group gathered outside to shout insults which continued throughout the day.  Although the Cuban government says these protests are not their doing, “little is done to disguise the coordination with security agents on the scene.” (Washington Post, Associated Press) Global Health & Development: This infographic provides a comprehensive timeline on the last century of global health and development milestones reminding us of the incredible accomplishments of the past and what is left to do in the future. What’s New at the PTA, Dad?:  The PTA is no longer solely occupied by the stay-at-home mom contingent, according to the New York Times.  Some contributing factors to this change are several underlying social trends including an increase of working mothers, a decrease in working fathers, more shared parenting responsibilities and a PTA structure more focused on efficient fundraising and practical spending.  According to the male leader of a Manhattan PTA whose day job is chief operating officer at a small nonprofit, “This is like running a small business… I’m an operations guy. I believe I add value.” (New York Times, Kyle Spencer)

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