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ICYMI: In Telecom, A Growing Worry That We'll Become More Like Europe

Article by James K. Glassman May 29, 2012 //   2 minute read

Increased regulation has a negative effect on growth. In his most recent piece at Forbes.com, “In Telecom, A Growing Worry That We¹ll Become More Like Europe”, James K. Glassman examines Europe’s wireless broadband market and makes the case that over-regulation has led to higher prices and lower usage of mobile broadband services and technology across the continent. In the U.S., however, it¹s just the opposite. With less government regulation, the cost of the same technologies and services are much lower, access is wider-spread, and usage is significantly higher. “Europe did get a head start on America with wireless services in the 1990s, but it¹s clear that the U.S. light-touch regulatory model has prevailed,” Glassman says. “The American experience shows that consumers benefit when regulators stand back and let competitors slug it out...Government should avoid Europe-style mistakes and unleash the power of the market, letting Americans themselves decide which businesses win and lose.” Read the full article on Forbes.com here. This post was written by James K. Glassman, Founding Executive Director of the George W. Bush Institute.