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Saw Htoo Eh

Saw Htoo Eh

2017 Class, Burma
Liberty and Leadership Forum

Saw Htoo Eh, a district coordinator with Free Burma Rangers since 2007, serves as an advocate of social justice, the peace process, and cross-cultural collaboration. In this role, Saw Htoo Eh manages six teams of 40 people, conducting missions and training team members to promote youth capacity and leadership skills. In collaboration with the executive team of Free Burma Ranger, Saw Htoo Eh also coordinates the mission and operations of the district team while serving as a permanent instructor and team leader of a children’s program at the company’s headquarters.

As a child of conflict growing up in Lay Naw Village in Karen State, Saw Htoo Eh struggled to access education, ultimately attending school at a refugee camp. In 2008, Saw Htoo Eh was asked to attend the Asian Institute Christian Communication and was selected for P’doh Mahn Shar, the former General Secretary of the Karen National Union, Karen Young Leader Award. Saw Htoo Eh was selected as a DeBoer Fellow in 2015.

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