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2014 Fellow
Women's Initiative Fellowship Program

After completing her Master’s Degree, Imane joined an engineering, procurement, and construction company in the oil and gas industry and is working now as a production and process engineer in a petrochemical company. Throughout her studies and work, Imane has encountered many troubles because of her religious clothing. The engineering field is predominantly male in Arabic countries – this makes it challenging for a woman to easily get a position matching her credentials. On many occasions, Imane has been judged based on her physical appearance and not on her strong educational background.

Imane envisions a new Tunisia where discrimination is not tolerated. In addition to religious and sexual discrimination, Tunisia has also suffered from “regionalism.” The internal cities of Tunisia have not received the same attention or benefits as the coastal cities during the previous or current political regimes. Imane is looking to start an organization for business development in these deprived cities of Tunisia. Long term, Imane hopes to start her own business – a lubricating oil company where products would be sold in the local market and also exported to foreign countries. Imane’s project would help her apply her scientific knowledge in a progressing industrial field and offer roles for unemployed graduates in her country.

Imane received her Master’s Degree in Chemical Process Engineering from National Engineering School of Gabes, Tunisia. She has worked in collaboration with the Engineering Department of Florida State University as part of a scientific exchange program. In addition to her work in the technical field, Imane is a member of Red Crescent Association in Tunisia. The Red Crescent Association provides useful complementary activities in the areas of health, social, and emergency relief. Priority is given to rural areas and schools. Imane has helped with anti-smoking and AIDS campaigns, and has contributed time and energy to events supporting the fight against cancer and protecting homeless children. 

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