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Farah Chouayakh

Farah Chouayakh

Women's Initiative Fellow 2015

Farah began her Women’s Initiative Fellowship journey with the deeply held belief that women are strong, capable and able to contribute greatly to society. Farah reports that this program has served to cement her views, put action behind her ideas, and provide her with real-life examples of gender equality and how it works in the real world. A fierce advocate of gender equality, Farah wants to inspire women to be all they can be – starting with those in Tunisia – and then spreading her message around the world.

After returning home, Farah launched a YouTube Channel entitled “Meet Tunisia” based on female story-telling. The goal of this channel is to provide a different, and perhaps unexpected, perspective on Tunisia. She hopes that hearing Tunisian women narrate their own stories will provide viewers with a fresh perspective and will challenge any misconceptions, generalization or stereotypes that may exist on the subject. Farah believes in the power of media to inform and transform our lives, its potential to shape our understanding of the context in which we currently live, and the importance of enhancing cross-cultural exchange and inter-faith dialogue.

Farah credits her shift of vision to the richness of the Women’s Initiative Fellowship. Farah believes the most inspiring aspect about the program is the first-hand insight she received from meeting many female leaders who both changed her perspective toward issues like the “glass ceiling” and helped her formalize her dreams and ambitions. Thanks to the WIF experience, Farah now feels more capable than ever of starting small and growing bigger, standing up for other women, and celebrating gender empowerment.

Farah is looking forward to expanding her YouTube platform and beginning to serve as an English-speaking commentator in the media to help put a face and voice to the stories of Tunisian women. She currently works for the International Rescue Committee, and is also preparing a PhD proposal. She also freelances in interpreting, proofreading, editing and translating.

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