Andrew Kaufmann

Director, Marketing and Communications
George W. Bush Presidential Center

Andrew Kaufmann serves as Director, Marketing and Communications at the George W. Bush Presidential Center.  In this role, he manages Bush Center audience development, online strategy and execution, and serves as the host of The Strategerist podcast and digital editor of The Catalyst: A Journal of Ideas from the Bush Institute.

Prior to joining the Bush Center in 2013, he led integrated marketing at the Meadows School of the Arts at SMU. A Dallas native, he began his career in communications and marketing roles at Texas Instruments after graduating from SMU with Bachelor’s degrees in computer science and English.

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Ruslana on The Strategerist podcast
Dec 23, 2022

Ruslana - Ukraine is Alive

Hosted by: David J. Kramer, Andrew Kaufmann
The war in Ukraine was started when Putin invaded Ukraine – but it's the people in the country who suffer. Ukrainian artist and singer Ruslana shares her experiences in Ukraine and why she's fighting for her home.
Read the article Amb. Dr. John Nkengasong -- Continuing the Fight Against HIV/AIDS.
Oct 7, 2022

Amb. Dr. John Nkengasong -- Continuing the Fight Against HIV/AIDS

Hosted by: Andrew Kaufmann

PEPFAR, the U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, has been credited with saving millions of lives in Africa. But as the new head of PEPFAR, Ambassador Dr. John Nkengasong, explains, the impact of PEPFAR extends even further beyond those who received lifesaving treatment.

Read the article Yuval Levin -- Strength Through America's Democracy.
Jun 14, 2022

Yuval Levin -- Strength Through America's Democracy

Hosted by: Andrew Kaufmann

America is a diverse country. Diverse in many senses of the word – from race, to regionality, to religion, to political views, and all points in between. Dr. Yuval Levin, Director of Social, Cultural, and Constitutional Studies at AEI, explains that from the inception of our government to today, this diversity has been both the fundamental challenge to solve as well as its fundamental strength.

Read the article Gary Cohn -- Overcoming Obstacles, Taking Risks, and Growing From Failure.
May 13, 2022

Gary Cohn -- Overcoming Obstacles, Taking Risks, and Growing From Failure

Hosted by: Andrew Kaufmann, J.H. Cullum Clark

Gary Cohn, the 11th Director of the National Economic Council, former president and chief operating officer at Goldman Sachs, and current Vice-Chairman at IBM, struggled as a student because of dyslexia. But he tells us how the challenges he faced helped him learn about risk -- and how to not fear failure.

Read the article Dr. Deborah Birx -- Leading the Pandemic Response.
May 6, 2022

Dr. Deborah Birx -- Leading the Pandemic Response

Hosted by: Andrew Kaufmann, Crystal Cazier

In 2019, as Dr. Deborah Birx was preparing PEPFAR budgets, she was looking at rich county-by-county infectious disease data in sub-Saharan Africa when word began circulating of a novel virus that could threaten the globe.  A few months later, as she moved into her role as White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator, she was able to take the  lessons she learned from years of experience in global health and brought them to the U.S. pandemic response.