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"With the Freedom Collection, the Bush Institute will send a message to dissidents and underground preachers and political prisoners around the world: we hear your voice, and as you stand for your freedom, free people will stand with you." - George W. Bush, November 12, 2009

Crowd in Ukraine.

Our Mission

The Freedom Collection is a permanent archive of the struggle for human freedom and democracy around the world. Established by President Bush on November 12, 2009, the Freedom Collection works to extend the reach of human liberty around the world by promoting democracy, political freedom, and individual rights.

The Freedom Collection pursues the principles of human liberty by documenting the personal stories of men and women who have led or participated in freedom movements. Using video interviews, collected papers and other materials, the Freedom Collection strives to inspire and provide insight to the current generation of freedom advocates, and expands access to information and successful strategies for change. The Freedom Collection reinforces the moral and practical importance of supporting pro-democracy movements and remaining actively engaged in the world. It also preserves history as a tool for scholars, policy makers and students studying democratic movements.

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Interviews by Ahn Myeong Chul.
Ahn Myeong Chul
Country: North Korea
Interviews by Kim Seung-chul.
Kim Seung-chul
Country: North Korea
Interviews by Ji Seong-ho.
Ji Seong-ho
Country: North Korea
Interviews by Shin Dong-hyuk.
Shin Dong-hyuk
Country: North Korea
Interviews by Han Nam-su.
Han Nam-su
Country: North Korea
Interviews by Kim Kwang-jin.
Kim Kwang-jin
Country: North Korea
Interviews by Kim Seong Min.
Kim Seong Min
Country: North Korea
Interviews by Park Sang Hak.
Park Sang Hak
Country: North Korea
Interviews by Kang Chol-hwan.
Kang Chol-hwan
Country: North Korea

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