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Interviews with Marcel Granier

Interviewed February 11, 2010

I think it useful to use legal means, because that leaves a trace. Some day President Chavez will have to respond to all the crimes he has committed. Because there will be proof in it could be in national courts, because they can they tried to destroy documents. But they they cannot destroy all the documents that have been produced, or in international courts, where he cannot destroy the documents.

He has already threatened the Inter-American system with leaving the OES or with l or with leaving the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, if they decide against him. He there have been several decisions against hi his government because of all the trespasses and misdeeds they they have done. He has never complied with those decisions. He´s never so he´s in in denial of all those decisions.

And unfortunately, the Inter-American legal system on human rights has no any teeth. I mean there is no way they can implement, they an executed, their decisions. So, so far, as Fohemola (PH) did before him, he´s laughing off from all all those decisions. But the interesting is that the proof remains there. The other thing that has been tried is we see that in in spite of all the silence that the President has imposed upon media, because media most media, and particularly, television station television stations, are very scared of the president shutting them down. And what they have done is self censor themselves.