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Interviews with Han Nam-su

Interviewed July 16, 2024

Under the North Korean system, if one person in your family does something wrong or commits a crime against the regime, then the entire family can be sent away to a prison camp.

The reason the regime has this kind of system in place is because it wants to instill fear in North Koreans. Kim Il-Sung once said that any person who has anti-government sentiments should be wiped out entirely and up to three generations of their family should be punished.

These words from Kim Il Sung actually became law in North Korea. This is why family members also have to be sacrificed.

So if you’re part of a family that committed an offense against the regime not only do you have to live with a bad social class or songbun, but you have a dismal future ahead of you.

[Kim Il Sung (1912 – 1994) was the founder and leader of the North Korean state from 1948 until his death in 1994. Songbun is a system used by the North Korean regime to classify citizens’ attitudes toward the regime as core, wavering, or hostile. An individual’s songbun status is influenced by his family’s status and helps determine career prospects, housing and even access to food.]