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Interviews with Carlos Alberto Montaner

Interviewed January 3, 2011

I think we need to tell the international community and democratic countries that we all share a moral responsibility with those countries and societies that suffer the consequences of totalitarianism. A moral responsibility because we cannot live in a world in which we are proud of our global economy and the globalization of international transactions, but see suffering in certain societies as if it were happening in remote places that do not affect us. Globalization includes a moral responsibility towards all humans that are suffering.

Forgetting this in the 1930’s and 1940’s during World War II, the indifference of the world, is what brought about the massacres performed by the Nazis. Horrible crimes, especially against the Jewish community, six million Jews, because of the world’s indifference. Something similar happened with the communist dictatorships. Communist dictatorships destroyed millions of people. In the Black Book of Communism, which is an extensive compilation, they talk of 100 million deaths. Humanity must not allow that indifferent behavior towards others’ pain. It’s ethically immoral to maintain that indifference, it’s political suicide. What happens to a Cuban, to a North Korean, to an Iranian suffering under a dictatorship should affect us all.