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A high-endurance mountain bike ride highlighting the bravery and sacrifice of our nation's warriors.

2019 Bush Institute W100K

The 2019 W100K was held November 8 and 9 in Crawford, Texas.
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As part of the Bush Institute's Military Service Initiative, the W100K highlights the service, sacrifice, and resilience of our nation's warriors.

Servicemen and women wounded in the global war on terror join President George W. Bush for a multi-day mountain bike ride in Crawford, Texas.

The 2019 W100K will be held November 8 and 9. 

Team 43 events, including the W100K and Warrior Open, amplify and draw attention to the service, sacrifice, and resilience of post-9/11 warriors and their families -- particularly the issues they face in making a successful transition to civilian life.

Meet the W100K Riders