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Partnership to End AIDS and Cervical Cancer

The Partnership to End AIDS and Cervical Cancer is an effort between the George W. Bush Institute, the U.S. Presidents' Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), and the joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS), designed to effectively eliminate cervical cancer deaths among HIV-positive women in sub-Saharan Africa within a generation.

PEPFAR will initially invest more than $30 million to implement screening and treatment for cervical cancer for HIV-positive women.  This investment in saving lives represents a three-fold increase over previous cervical cancer efforts. The partnership will also work to secure increased support for cervical cancer prevention via vaccination against the human papilloma virus (HPV).

The new strategy, developed after months of collaboration between PEPFAR and the Bush Institute-led Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon (PRRR) partnership, builds on the catalytic work of Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon over the past seven years, and evolves that collaboration to save even more lives. Since its inception, Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon’s efforts have: 

  • Screened over 500,000 women for cervical cancer in Botswana, Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Zambia;
  • Treated nearly 32,000 of these women for pre-cancerous lesions; and,
  • Vaccinated nearly 150,000 girls aged 9 to 13-years old against HPV through pilot programs and demonstration projects.

The initial investment will focus on eight sub-Saharan African countries where the burden of HIV and cervical cancer is high, including Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

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501,477 women received a basic screening for cervical cancer through Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon

Building on Progress

 “Through our work at the Bush Institute, Laura and I learned that women who have HIV are five times more likely to develop cervical cancer – a preventable, treatable disease.  It broke our hearts to think that women were being saved from one disease only to die from another. Healthy women are vital to healthy communities.  When women are healthy enough to work, they pour their wages into the health, education, and empowerment of their children and families.”
- President George W. Bush

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PEPFAR will initially invest more than $30 million to implement screening and treatment for cervical cancer for HIV-positive women.

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147,497 girls were vaccinated against HPV