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Freedom in North Korea

Advancing policies that integrate human rights with national security and providing scholarships to North Korean refugees now settled in the United States.

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Children in North Korea who are chronically malnourished or stunted


Number of channels available on legal televisions, which are tuned to state-controlled domestic programming

North Korea is one of the worst places on Earth. The government's nuclear ambitions are the subject of daily headlines. Its citizens are subjected to widespread human rights violations.

Over the past decade, a policy of "strategic patience" left the United States waiting for the cumulative effect of sanctions to pressure the North Korean regime to denuclearize. North Korea presents a top national security and human rights issue — and both demand immediate attention.

The Bush Institute conducts original research, provides expert testimony testimony on Capitol Hill, briefs legislative staff, and engages with Korean-American leaders nationwide.

North Korea Freedom Scholarship

Several hundred North Koreans have risked everything to escape and reestablish themselves in the United States.  After conducting two studies of the community and its needs, the Bush Institute has worked with Korean-Americans and others to establish the scholarship fund. 

Administered by Communities Foundation of Texas, these scholarships will support escapees in pursuing a range of educational opportunities, helping them to succeed and to build new lives in freedom.
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