Portraits of Courage


March 2, 2017 - October 18, 2017

A vibrant collection of oil paintings and stories by President George W. Bush honoring the sacrifice and courage of America’s military veterans — and highlighting the work of the Bush Institute’s Veteran and Military Families.

Growing out of President Bush’s own outreach and the ongoing work of the George W. Bush Institute’s Veteran and Military Families, Portraits of Courage brings together sixty-six full-color portraits and a four-panel mural painted by President Bush of members of the United States military who have served our Nation with honor since 9/11—and whom he has come to know personally.

The Bush Institute’s Veteran and Military Families work helps post-9/11 veterans and their families make a successful transition to civilian life and addresses issues of veteran wellness, including post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury.

Portraits of Courage ran March 2 through October 17, 2017, at the George W. Bush Presidential Center on the SMU campus in Dallas, Texas.


Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum
March 14, 2024 through May 28, 2024



Truman Library Institute in Kansas City, MO
October 9, 2022 through December 31, 2022

Houston Public Library Julia Ideson Building in Houston, Texas
February 20 through April 25, 2020

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas
December 21, 2019 through January 20, 2020

Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.
October 7 through November 15, 2019

Canadian War Museum in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
June 27 through September 5, 2019

Society of the Four Arts in Palm Beach, FL
February 2 through March 31, 2019

Arizona Heritage Center at Papago Park in Tempe, AZ
October 19 through December 29, 2018

Wonders of Wildlife in Springfield, MO
April 13 through July 5, 2018

Museum of the Southwest in Midland, TX
January 20 through Sunday, March 25, 2018
Sponsored by Concho Resources Inc., Cimarex, Robert E. and Donna Landreth Family Fund at Permian Basin Area Foundation, and OGX Resources

Witte Museum in San Antonio, TX
July 21 through September 30, 2018
Sponsored by Zachry Group










Buy the Portraits of Courage Book

Each painting in this meticulously produced hardcover volume is accompanied by the inspiring story of the veteran depicted, written by President Bush.

Readers can see the faces of those who answered the Nation’s call and learn from their bravery on the battlefield, their journeys to recovery, and the continued leadership and contributions they are making as civilians.

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The author’s profits from this book will be donated to the George W. Bush Presidential Center and its Veteran and Military Families work.





George W. Bush Institute Warrior Resources

Our men and women in uniform have faced down enemies, liberated millions, and in doing so showed the true compassion of our Nation. Often, they return home with injuries—both visible and invisible—that intensify the challenges of transitioning into civilian life.

The Bush Institute’s Veteran Wellness Alliance is an innovative alliance that connects high-quality care providers and veteran peer networks to empower veterans to seek treatment. Asking for help with an issue of mental or brain health can be hard. And getting that help — in a system choked by red tape and bureaucracy — can be even harder. That’s why the Veteran Wellness Alliance built Check-In: a user-friendly tool designed to connect veterans with high-quality, compassionate care for mental and brain health

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From military to civilian: warriors can build a customized roadmap, search resources, and find a job with the VET Roadmap.








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