Liberty and Leadership Forum Class of 2015 Graduation


June 26, 2015

President George W. Bush delivered remarks to the inaugural graduating class of young leaders from Burma participating in the George W. Bush Institute’s Liberty and Leadership Forum.

The Bush Institute’s Liberty and Leadership Forum equips young leaders with the knowledge and skills they need to lead in countries where transitions to democracy are occurring. It uses a curriculum focused on the principles of liberal democracy and economic freedom, lessons from other democratic transitions, and practical leadership skills.

The Bush Institute welcomes the 2014 Liberty and Leadership Forum inaugural class from Burma (also known as Myanmar). While on a path toward democracy, Burma’s destination is not yet guaranteed. One key to success is ensuring that today’s young democracy advocates in Burma are prepared to be tomorrow’s political and civil society leaders. With the knowledge and skills they gain from the program, the men and women of the 2014 Liberty and Leadership Forum class will have many of the tools they need to succeed.