• April 11 2019

    How entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and others are combining vision and action to address systemic challenges in a turbulent world.

11 Apr 1:15 pm - 11 Apr 1:55 pm

Technological Transformations and Threats

Technology is transforming the way we live. As new technology continues to find its way into our homes, businesses, and lives, even listening to our every word, how do we remain vigilant while enjoying the convenience? This discussion will explore the opportunities and threats of this new reality.


Peter Altabef
Chairman and CEO, Unisys; Member, President’s National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee

Michael Chertoff
Founder and Executive Chairman, The Chertoff Group; Former Secretary, U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Eva Chiang (Moderator)
Director, Research and Evaluation, George W. Bush Institute