“Our identity as a nation–unlike many other nations–is not determined by geography or ethnicity, by soil or blood. Being an American involves the embrace of high ideals and civic responsibility. ”
President George W. Bush
2017 Spirit of Liberty forum in New York City
Our Mission is Simple:

Engage the world as we develop leaders, advance policy, and take action to solve today's most pressing challenges. Executing this mission requires a total team effort, and in 2017, that team effort was on full display as we demonstrated the power of the Bush Center's unique platform for both policy and action.

Kenneth A. Hersh
President and Chief Executive Officer
Kenneth A. Hersh, President and Chief Executive Officer

We engaged the world in 2017. We convened important government, corporate, and nonprofit stakeholders. In Washington, D.C., at our Stand-To: National Veterans Convening, we advanced the well-being of veterans as they transition to civilian life. At our Spirit of Liberty: At Home, In the World forum in New York City, President and Mrs. Bush delivered powerful messages to reassert the values of freedom and democracy. Africa was also on the docket as President and Mrs. Bush traveled to Botswana and Namibia, where they highlighted our work with first ladies and the fight against cervical cancer. At home, through our Engage series, we delivered thought-provoking programming that informed and entertained sold-out audiences.

We supported President Bush's lifelong example of principled leadership, and we aim to be the go-to experts for leadership development. In 2017, we graduated the third class of world changers making their way through our Presidential Leadership Scholars program. We worked with our third class of young leaders in Burma, who work tirelessly to help their country transition from military to democratic rule. Our Team 43 veterans group gathered at President Bush's Portraits of Courage art exhibit throughout the year to help lead awareness of the importance of a healthy transition to civilian life for all veterans.

“We supported President Bush's lifelong example of principled leadership, and we aim to be the go-to experts for leadership development.” Kenneth A. Hersh

We advanced policy. Our Bush Institute teams engaged policymakers and thought leaders across the nation to address issues of North American trade and responsible immigration policy.

We advanced important work on accountability in K–12 education. We were also an important voice for advancing the human rights of women in Afghanistan and those neglected in North Korea.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the combination of a dedicated team of selfless professionals and the philanthropic support of so many who have invested in our work. My promise is to ensure that we are responsible stewards of those investments and that we are impactful and relevant in ways only a Presidential Center can be.

We look forward to continuing our venture, making an impact here and abroad.

Thank you so much for your support and engagement with our work.

Kenneth A. Hersh

Portraits of Courage
Michael Rodriguez

First Sergeant Michael "Rod" Rodriguez, U.S. Army, Ret., joined the Army in 1992. As a Special Forces Green Beret, he was deployed around the world, including to Somalia, Haiti, Central and South America, and twice to Afghanistan. Throughout his nine deployments spanning more than 20 years, Rod suffered more than a dozen concussions. As the senior medical officer in his unit, he hid his injuries, but they eventually caught up to him. "I found myself in a war with myself, and I wasn't trained for that combat," he said. When he finally sought help, he was diagnosed with severe post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury, which resulted in his medical retirement from the Army.

Rod Rodriguez shares his story with members of the Bush Center's young professionals group, the 43 Club, during the launch of Portraits of Courage.
Rod Rodriguez shares his story with members of the Bush Center's young professionals group, the 43 Club, during the launch of Portraits of Courage.
“I'm proud of the friendship Rod and I have forged, of his service to my Institute's Military Service Initiative Advisory Council, and of his courageous contributions to our country and the world.” President George W. Bush

"When I was told I could no longer be a Special Forces Green Beret, I felt lost and alone," said Rod. "I knew I was a father, husband, friend, and son, but that's not how service members identify themselves. I fell into a hole of isolation." Rod took up sports as a way to recover and rehabilitate, and found that physical activities such as mountain biking, helped him regain his strength and endurance and reconnect with his family.

Today, Rod is an active member of Team 43, a role model to his veteran peers, and a member of the Bush Institute's Military Service Initiative Advisory Council. He was a keynote speaker at the Bush Institute's 2017 Stand-To event in Washington, D.C. Rod and his wife, First Sergeant Kelly Rodriguez, U.S. Army, Ret., rode in the 2017 Warrior 100K and sat down with President Bush for a special 2017 Veterans Day conversation to discuss the invisible wounds of war.

Rod is also featured on the cover of Portraits of Courage, in which President Bush writes, "I'm proud of the friendship Rod and I have forged, of his service to my Institute's Military Service Initiative Advisory Council, and of his courageous contributions to our country and the world."

Liberty and Leadership
Htet Htet Oo

Liberty and Leadership Program graduate Htet Htet Oo works for the United Nations, bringing lifesaving information to people displaced by conflict, violence, and natural disasters. Her passion, though, lies in lifting Burma's children out of poverty. In a country where one out of five children between the ages of 10 and 17 works as a child laborer, watching parents force their children out of school to work in unsafe environments is a constant source of sadness and frustration. Finding a way to help these children was a longtime dream, but she didn't know where to start.

Htet Htet Oo, one of Burma's rising young leaders, gathers children in her community at her church on Sunday mornings and helps them with social and literacy skills.
Htet Htet Oo, one of Burma's rising young leaders, gathers children in her community at her church on Sunday mornings and helps them with social and literacy skills.
“Within a short time, the Liberty and Leadership Program connected me to the right people, built my confidence, and gave me the skills and resources to put my dream into action. I'm really grateful.” Htet Htet Oo Liberty and Leadership Program, 2017 Graduate

Htet Htet Oo has focused her Liberty and Leadership Program personal leadership project on helping children obtain vocational training for jobs that are safe, pay higher wages, and provide access to healthcare, education, and upward mobility. She currently pays for the whole project out of pocket—about $200 per participant—which is more than three times Burma's monthly minimum wage.

Htet Htet Oo's greatest challenge is obtaining parental approval, as families living in desperate poverty rely on their children's income and are reluctant to let them stop working to attend training. She said the negotiation skills she learned in the Liberty and Leadership Program have been particularly valuable in these situations.

With Htet Htet Oo's assistance, two children have completed their training and are successfully employed as nursing assistants, and three more are currently enrolled in training. Her goal is to help children obtain the necessary training to find better job opportunities, and to expand her work in the future.

"To me, helping others be successful is a way of achieving my own success."

Presidential Leadership Scholars
Holly Gordon

Early in her career, Presidential Leadership Scholar (PLS) Holly Gordon understood the impact of a good story. After more than a decade of experience as an investigative journalist and documentary filmmaker, Gordon combined her passion for storytelling with her desire to bring about positive change in the world. She successfully co-founded Girl Rising, a global campaign for girls' education that uses the power of individual stories to share a big message: Educate girls, change the world. Her feature-length film, Girl Rising, jump-started the campaign in 2013, and Gordon continues to serve the organization as a member of the board.

Girl Rising is a feature film that jump-started a global campaign for girls' education.
Girl Rising is a feature film that jump-started a global campaign for girls education.
“I've landed in a job where I am working on some of the most important social issues of our time.” Holly Gordon Presidential Leadership Scholars, 2015 Graduate

"I really threw myself into Girl Rising almost flying blind," Gordon said." What PLS allowed me to do was turn on the lights and have a map for how you lead change."

In the fall of 2017, Gordon accepted a role as Chief Impact Officer for Participant Media, an entertainment company that produces films, television, and digital content centered around social change. Participant Media is behind popular films like Lincoln and The Help. Gordon creates campaign strategies to ensure viewers have the opportunity to take action.

"I've landed in a job where I am working on some of the most important social issues of our time," she said. "Whether it be fighting on behalf of the environment, the education system, or our upcoming film on the foster care system, with PLS I have this extraordinary network of experts and community leaders with whom I can connect to get advice, introductions, and partnerships to drive measurable change across the country and the world. In my job at Participant Media, where I'm working on a whole spectrum of issues and trying to make change, the PLS Rolodex is on my speed dial."


The Bush Center engages communities in the United States and around the world by developing leaders, advancing policy, and taking action to solve today’s most pressing challenges. At the Bush Institute, we seek to produce relevant scholarship, advance our thought leadership, drive policy change, and develop leaders.


In 2017, the Bush Institute published more than 95 op-eds in news outlets including The Washington Post, USA Today, Foreign Policy, The Hill, Newsday, Huffington Post, and others, and was featured in major news outlets including CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC.

Relying on the expertise of Bush Institute directors and initiatives, we released a series of policy recommendations for Congress and the Administration on trade, veteran transition, education, North Korea, and global health.

Policy Change

Based on the Bush Institute's policy recommendations on North American competitiveness, we led a partnership to improve workforce training for frontline manufacturing workers. This will provide a more mobile, well-trained workforce across North America.

In November, Mrs. Bush participated in a joint Congressional Briefing with First Lady of Afghanistan Rula Ghani and members of the U.S.-Afghan Women's Council, leading to increased attention from members of Congress on the advances Afghan girls and women have made, and the need for continued support from the U.S. government.

Thought Leadership

In June, the Bush Institute hosted the Stand-To event in Washington, D.C., which brought together more than 70 partner organizations from the public, private, nonprofit, and philanthropic sectors to outline key priorities and a national action plan to drive improved outcomes for veterans and military families.

In 2017, the Bush Institute's Military Service Initiative created the Warrior Wellness Alliance, which brings together 13 peer-to-peer veteran organizations and best-in-class care providers collectively serving more than 1 million veterans, to ensure that more warriors receive high-quality care for the invisible wounds of war.

The Spirit of Liberty, our national forum focused on freedom, free markets, and security, was watched by more than 1.5 million viewers on YouTube, and it received media coverage from NBC's Today, The Washington Post, and other major media outlets. We also released a call-to-action paper outlining recommendations for strengthening our democracy.

The Bush Institute is led by Holly Kuzmich, Executive Director, George W. Bush Institute and Senior Vice President, George W. Bush Presidential Center.
The Bush Institute is led by Holly Kuzmich, Executive Director, George W. Bush Institute and Senior Vice President, George W. Bush Presidential Center.


Through our work to save women's lives from cervical and breast cancer in sub-Saharan Africa:

women have been screened for cervical cancer
women have been screened for breast cancer
girls have been vaccinated against HPV

The School Leadership Initiative announced four school districts to be part of the District Cohort on improving principal talent management systems: Austin ISD (Texas), Chesterfield County Public Schools (Virginia), Fort Worth ISD (Texas), and Granite School District (Utah). Across these four districts, this work will impact 402 principals, 8,437 teachers, and 297,775 students.

The Laura Bush Foundation for America’s Libraries (LBF) awarded 160 grants in May 2017 for the 2016/2017 school year. In total, LBF has awarded grants to 2,751 schools, totaling more than $14 million.


The Bush Institute measured results from the more than 300 participants to date of our three leadership programs—Presidential Leadership Scholars, the Women’s Initiative Fellowship, and the Liberty and Leadership Program:

The programs received a net promoter score of 89, meaning nearly every individual highly recommended the experience to their closest friends and associates.
reported they experienced a dramatic increase in their confidence and purpose as a leader.
said their involvement played a significant role in the expansion of their leadership opportunities and responsibilities.
Prior to beginning, only 30% felt likely to achieve their long-term vision. Afterward, 86% said they were likely to achieve their long-term vision with the skills, resources, and inspiration they received.
F I N A N C I A L   R E V I E W

Since opening its doors in 2013, the Bush Center has focused on initiatives that perpetuate the core vision and values of President and Mrs. Bush.

While successfully managing its expenses, the Bush Center continues to receive tremendous support from individual, corporate and foundation donors and entered 2018 in a healthy financial condition.

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