Team 43 Veterans Day Reflections 2021

This Veterans Day, we asked some of our Team 43 members to reflect on "what Veterans Day means to them?"

Team 43 Sports showcases the courage, commitment, and resilience of these warriors and underscores the importance of sports as part of the rehabilitation process for our men and women injured on the front lines. The nationwide alumni program provides leadership and skills training to the veterans who have ridden in the W100K and played in the Warrior Open. These resources assist in their transition and help them continue to lead in their communities.

We asked our Team 43 members, “what Veterans Day Means to them?”  Read their responses below: 

“It’s a time for Veterans that don’t get a lot of recognition to be recognized.  I once had a veteran tell me he served two years and didn’t think he deserved the credit.  Veteran’s Day is for people like that.  Not everyone has the resume that gets the big fanfare.  Putting the unsung heroes forward is one of the purest forms of service recognition.”

– Corporal Josh Michael, U.S. Army, W100K Participant 2014

“To me, Veteran’s Day is a time to purposefully be thankful for the giants that have served before me, grateful for those who have served, and proud of my own service to our great nation.”

– Command Sergeant Major Brian Flom, U.S. Army, W100K Participant 2015

“Veterans Day is an opportunity to pause and reflect upon those and their families who have sacrificed so much of themselves, expecting nothing in return, to serve the American people for a cause greater than any one individual.  It is also an opportunity for different generations of Veterans to come together and acknowledge their shared experiences.”

– Colonel Patricia Collins, U.S. Army, W100K Participant 2011, 2016, 2019; Team 43 Coordinator