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Common Questions to Better Serve Our Vets

Common data elements for veteran-serving nonprofit organizations

Report by Kacie Kelly and Caroline M. Angel May 7, 2020

The Warrior Wellness Alliance Common Data Elements work group analyzed operational information shared by the WWA peer-network member organizations in order to develop a list of recommendations and CDEs to be adopted across the WWA. Through interviews and supporting documentation, all peer-network member organizations shared information that included: data-collection practices, questions asked to new members during organization onboarding, evaluation methods (e.g., pre-post surveys distributed), and other data collected by WWA peer-network organizations on participating members.

Using this information, a single list of all variables collected was developed and then categorized by the type of information and the timing within the organization in which the information was collected. This list was then analyzed by clinical
and reintegration stress experts, who were asked to identify the most value-added 15 variables that could be considered CDEs that were not clinical-assessment measures.

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