Data in the Moment: How Dallas ISD's ACE Program Helps Students Progress

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How data drives & shapes ACE

Data in the Moment How Dallas ISD’s ACE Program Helps Students Progress


A reading classroom at Martin Luther King Jr. Learning Center in Dallas, Texas.

A look at the evolution and impact of the Dallas Independent School District’s data-driven Accelerating Campus Excellence (ACE) initiative.

Chapter I

The Power of Differentiation

“You can’t send the best teachers if you can’t identify them.”

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Chapter II

Data Drives Instructional Excellence

“We are trying to build the habits of great readers.”

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Chapter III

The Difference a Principal Makes

“My number one goal is for scholars to have joy, along with rigor and learning.”

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Chapter IV

Results, Lessons Learned, and How Other Districts Can Learn from ACE

“One step builds upon another. You cannot go to the end without going through the beginning.”

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