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Trevor  Allenby

Trevor Allenby

U.S. Marine Corps
Warrior Open Participant 2018

Sergeant Trevor Allenby enlisted in the Marine Corps in November 2001.  He was stationed at Camp Pendleton for the entire eight years he was in the Marines.  Allenby deployed to Iraq for the initial invasion in 2003, for a short time to Japan, and again to Iraq in July 2004 for the invasion of Fallujah, Operation Phantom Fury.   

Allenby was injured on November 8, 2004 when his AAV was hit by a daisy chain IED.  Allenby was hit in his left elbow and received a traumatic brain injury (TBI).  He recovered for a week at Camp Fallujah then went back into the city with his platoon. 

Returning home with an honorable discharge in 2009 was difficult.  Allenby was suffering from PTS and his TBI.  He found himself wanting to be alone, drink and golf.  Due to the immense support of his wife and the birth of their son, things finally started getting better.  

In late August 2012, Allenby was diagnosed with brain cancer after having a Grand Mal Seizure.  He had a tumor on his right frontal lobe.  After his first surgery, Allenby was left with paralysis and focal seizures in his left hand, arm and side of face.  For the next five years he and his wife drove to Dana Farber in Boston for routine checkups, MRI’s, blood work, etc.  In December 2017, the cancer had started to grow again.  He endured another brain surgery January 2018 and started chemo and radiation in March 2018.  The brain cancer was determined to be 100% service connected.

Allenby’s wife, Lisa, is his caregiver.  She has been by his side the entire time helping him with everything and still making sure everything else in the house is running.  He is incredibly grateful for her. 

As an avid golfer all his life, after his first surgery and loss of function with his left hand he had to learn how to grip and swing a golf club again.  Golf is a main outlet in his life and one of the activities that his wife and son, Cade, can all enjoy doing together as a family.  

Currently, Allenby lives in Massachusetts and works for U.S. Fish & Wildlife.  

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