The Bush Institute’s First Ladies Initiative engages and supports First Ladies from around the world to effectively use their unique platforms by:

  • Partnering with First Ladies to build a robust network of women working to advance education, good health and economic opportunity for women and children worldwide
  • Preparing the First Ladies’ senior advisors and staff with training sessions on effective governance, strategic planning, communication and more
  • Providing the relevant tools to establish effective First Ladies’ offices and to identify the most critical policy initiatives and areas of advocacy for each First Lady
  • Fostering public-private partnerships for First Ladies by connecting them with funding partners, corporations and NGOs

Case Studies

First Ladies Initiative case studies examine how the Initiative is having an impact, building capacity, and promoting effectiveness for First Ladies’ offices.

Her Excellency Salma Kikwete and Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon
H.E. Salma Kikwete has been an active champion of programs that empower women and inspire them to take proactive steps to care for their personal health. Her experience stands as a reminder that first ladies around the world have a unique platform to advance important causes, and in working together with sustainable public-private partnerships, like Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon, can have a significant impact in improving the lives of citizens. 

Her Excellency Mrs. Roman Tesfaye and Establishing a Platform
With the aid of her personal experience and capacity-building and partnership support, H.E. Roman Tesfaye is utilizing her platform to advance the status of women and girls in Ethiopia. Her progress demonstrates the distinctive influence of a First Lady and the importance of women leaders in combatting critical gender issues in Africa and around the world.

Her Excellency Mrs. Janet Museveni and Building an Agriculture Program
In her role as First Lady of Uganda, H.E. Janet Museveni has leveraged agriculture as a key feature in her platform initiatives to empower citizens in her country. Her eagerness to build on these efforts through collaborative support underlines the critical need for capacity-building and sustainable partnerships to both implement and scale successful interventions for women and girls across Africa.

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