We have a duty as a Nation to help veterans and their families.  Our veterans face challenges as they return home from post-9/11 service, and it is our mission to enhance how non-profit and private sector organizations work together to serve these brave citizens.

2.5 million post-9/11 veterans in the U.S.

60% of our post-9/11 veterans are under the age of 34.

72% of our post 9/11 vets have some college experience.

13%-20% of our post-9/11 veterans suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress.

71% of Americans have little to no understanding of the issues facing our post-9/11 vets.

13.7% of our post-9/11 veterans start businesses - vs. 9.8% of non-vets.

82% of our post-9/11 veterans would recommend Military Service to a young person.