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State of Our Cities

Profiles of Education Performance Around the Nation

City leaders and policymakers need reliable data to make decisions that improve schools. Education data informs how we understand school performance and student outcomes in our cities. The data also empowers us to address educational challenges like achievement gaps and low measures of college and career readiness.

Education data are routinely collected by the federal government, state education agencies, school districts, and other organizations. Too often, though, these data are inconsistent, incomplete, and difficult to access in a format that is practical for effective policy- and decision-making.

Access to comparable education data at the city level can help empower city leaders and policymakers with the data they need to improve outcomes for all students. The George W. Bush Institute’s State of Our Cities tool provides much-needed access to data from multiple sources in an intuitive platform and provides helpful understanding about what is found in the data.

This tool was made possible by the generous support from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, Sammons Enterprises Foundation, and the Walton Family Foundation.