The George W. Bush Institute, founded by President and Mrs. Bush in 2009, is a public policy center in Dallas with the mission of advancing freedom by expanding opportunities for individuals at home and across the globe. Built on principles that guided the Bushes in public life, the Bush Institute uses leading research to develop and implement policies that offer practical solutions to pressing problems in the United States and abroad. The Bush Institute engages in the following areas:

  • Economic Growth
  • Education Reform
  • Global Health
  • Human Freedom
  • Military Service Initiative
  • Women’s Initiative


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Some education organizations, legislators and national leaders say that annual state tests harm education. They want to measure less. In fact, annual state exams may only be needed every four years. But, like blood pressure measurements, we should not talk ourselves into believing that all is fine if we just test less often. Annual state tests actually help, not harm, education.

Around the world, October is designated as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Pink ribbons are ubiquitous. In the United States, even American football players can be seen showing their support—right down to using pink tape to secure their shoes.

The ramifications of the North American energy revolution, so often simply seen in terms of energy prices, are now reverberating in ways with a strategic impact – an impact which enhances the security of the United States and others who seek political and economic freedoms.