The George W. Bush Institute, founded by President and Mrs. Bush in 2009, is a public policy center in Dallas with the mission of advancing freedom by expanding opportunities for individuals at home and across the globe. Built on principles that guided the Bushes in public life, the Bush Institute uses leading research to develop and implement policies that offer practical solutions to pressing problems in the United States and abroad. The Bush Institute engages in the following areas:

  • Economic Growth
  • Education Reform
  • Global Health
  • Human Freedom
  • Military Service Initiative
  • Women’s Initiative


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Bush Center President Margaret Spellings sat down recently with the Dallas Morning News to discuss school testing and accountability in the state of Texas. “I still believe in the theory of action; I stand by it vigorously. We must have measurement. We must have transparency. We must have clarity around accountability. It’s how you do that, not whether or not you do that,” Spellings says.

Nothing attests to the desperation of many politicians in finding an economic meme to their liking than the recent claim that corporate inversions represent a crisis to be dealt with at once.

This piece from Sunday’s Dallas Morning News provides a good read on the both the potential of Mexico’s energy industry and the challenges of realizing that potential. One of those challenges involves drug cartels. The money quote in this piece comes from Medina Mora, Mexico’s ambassador to the United States.